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COVID-19 Health and Safety
Our passengers are our #1 priority. We are taking precautionary measures and have enhanced all of our cleaning and disinfection techniques. We have created a step by step program for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our NEW 10-Step Health and Safety code
  1. ALL of our employees have their temperature taken before their shifts.
  2. All of our employees are issued masks and wear them in the office and while driving clients.
  3. All of our employees including drivers have gone through a COVID-19 health and safety training course.
  4. All of our employees have a designated hand washing station to utilize before and after trips.
  5. We provide hand sanitizer for all of our clients, and drivers.
  6. Our drivers have been retrained to avoid shaking hands. To open and close doors for our clients, and to use hand sanitizer before exiting the vehicle and after re entering the vehicle to drive.
  7. Our office is deep cleaned and sanitized daily.
  8. All of our Vehicles are also deep cleaned and sanitized every morning and all door handles and controls are wiped down before leaving our yard to ensure sanitation.
  9. All of our cleaning products are on the list of CDC approved cleaners.
  10. We keep antibacterial wipes in the vehicles for use for our passengers and so our drivers have the availability to sanitize throughout longer trips, or trips with breaks.